Aeroshell Grease 33 - 10 Pack - Universal Synthetic Airframe Grease

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AeroShell Grease 33 - Pack of 10 Save 15%
Universal Airframe Grease

Lithium Complex Thickened, Synthetic Hydrocarbon / Ester Oil Base
Developed with the purpose of satisfying almost all airframe lubrication requirements with a single grease. Its enhanced corrosion resistance and load-carrying capacity reduces wear and tear and can lead to extension of re-greasing intervals and reduction in maintenance costs. Replacing several greases with a single grease avoids the risk of misapplication and also reduces stock inventory, again providing cost savings.
AeroShell Grease 33 is a synthetic universal airframe grease composed of a lithium complex thickened synthetic base oil with corrosion and oxidation inhibitors and load carrying additives.
The useful operating temperature range is –73°C to +121°C (–99°F to +250°F).
For many years, aircraft operators have been seeking to rationalise the greases used on aircraft and to reduce the number of different greases in their inventories. Recently Boeing began research on a new, general purpose, corrosion-inhibiting grease. The aim was for a non-clay based grease that would provide longer life for components and mechanisms and possess improved wear and corrosion resistance. This led to the introduction of the Boeing Specification BMS 3-33.
Owing to the wide range of operating temperatures, loads and other environmental conditions required for various aircraft components, several different types of grease with different desirable properties are used during routine lubrication of aircraft components. Boeing, in developing their BMS 3-33 specification, took account of the properties of the different grease types used on aircraft and wrote a specification for a grease which would provide improved performance and which could be used in the widest possible range of grease applications. That performance level has largely been adopted as the SAE AMS3052 specification, which is in turn the basis for the Airbus AIMS 09-06-002 specification.
AeroShell Grease 33 is approved to BMS 3-33C and offers the improved performance properties required by this specification and the other specifications mentioned above. AeroShell Grease 33 can be used for routine lubrication on Boeing aircraft where MIL-PRF-23827C is specified and where the obsolete BMS 3-24 is specified.
Aircraft Manufacturers
AeroShell Grease 33 can also be used for routine lubrication in applications where MIL-PRF-23827C and BMS 3-33C are specified on aircraft manufactured by McDonnell Douglas, Airbus, BAe Regional Aircraft, Canadair, Lockheed, Embraer, Fokker and Gulfstream (except for wheel bearings, applications above 121°C (250°F) and sliding applications requiring molybdenum disulphide).
Other aircraft manufacturers are evaluating AeroShell Grease 33 with the aim of approving it for use on their aircraft. Operators should regularly check with these manufacturers for the latest status.
  • Use of AeroShell Grease 33 can provide operators with the following benefits:
  • Reduced inventories
  • Easier maintainability (one major grease for most applications)
  • Reduced maintenance labour costs
  • Less chance of product mis-application
AeroShell Grease 33 contains a synthetic oil and must not be used with incompatible seal materials. 
14oz Tube
For more information on AeroShell greases, check THE AEROSHELL BOOK
(Airbus Maintenence Manual reference CM 115)
  • Aeroshell Grease 33 - Type 1 Grease
  • Can be used in place of Aeroshell Grease 7 - Type 2 Grease
  • Do not mix grease of different Types
  • U.S.: Approved MIL-PRF-23827C (Type I)
  • Boeing: Approved BMS 3-33C
  • Airbus: Approved AIMS 09-06-002
  • COMAC Approved to QPL-CMS-OL-302
NOTE: Flightstore is not able to provide recomendations on Grease for specific applications. Please check with your LAME, Aircraft Manufacturer or Engine Manufacturer for suitability before use.


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