Aircraft Battery

Concorde® Battery Corporation is a manufacturer of premium quality lead-acid batteries. The present product lines include valve regulated sealed lead-acid batteries (VRSLA) for aircraft, marine, medical, telecommunications, emergency backup, and photovoltaic applications.
Since 1979 Concorde® Battery Corporation has manufactured aircraft batteries and batteries for shipboard use by the U.S. Military. Concorde® Battery Corporation has provided the Department of Defense with over 150,000 military batteries manufactured to rigid quality requirements. Concorde®Batteries have been adopted by worldwide militaries, including Canadian, British, Australian, and Italian air forces.
It is the installers responsibility to verify the aircraft manufacturer's original battery part number and verify the installation approval prior to installation. Installations listed may require the purchase of an STC, STC Kit, or alternate installation approval. Have you or your LAME contact Concorde or the Certificate Holder for installation details.
Competitor cross references provide the closest Concorde battery to fit and capacity. Please verify competitor battery specifications against the replacement you select to ensure proper fit ahead of product selection. It is the installers responsibility to verify the installation approval prior to installation. In some cases, the cross-reference battery is not the battery that is approved for installation in the application. Please also check the application guide for installation approvals for your aircraft to ensure certification.