AvMap Ultra EFIS + Engibox Kit

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AvMap Ultra EFIS + Engibox Kit


1 x Ultra EFIS
1 x EngiBOX​ for Rotax Engines

Have everything under control including your engine with a light and affordable solution !
Ultra EFIS
Save space, weight and money!
Only 9.5cm x 9.5cm weighing 230g
9 Instruments in 1

1. Altimeter
2. Airspeed Indicator
3. Artificial Horizon
4. Directional Gyro/HSI
5. Side Slip Indicator
6. Vertical Speed Indicator
7. Automatic Direction Finder with GPS
8. G-Meter
9. Magnetic Compass
Designed for light-sport, ultralight and experimental aircraft
Ultra light: only 230g
Ultra compact: only 2.49” of installing depth, and only 9.5cm x 9.5cm of external frame
Ultra bright: 3.5” ultra bright LCD display with 500 cd/m2 brightness
Ultra powerful, packed with everything you need
3.5” ultra bright LCD
Solid state 3-axis gyro
3-axis accelerometer
3-axis magnetic field sensor
Pitot and Static air data sensors
UAV motion processor and sensor fusion software
Preloaded with Jeppesen database (APT, VOR, NDB)
AvMap Ultra EFIS connects to the aircraft Pitot – Static system
When connected to the Pitot-Static, Ultra provides Air Data and advanced performance!
PFD and HSI pages

The AvMap Ultra can display on the 3.5” LCD two different pages: PFD and HSI. Change Page by using the rotor knob.
Your Navigation back-up!

The AvMap Ultra also provides navigation back-up: in the HSI screen you can select from the preloaded Jeppesen Database an Airport, a VOR station or NDB transmitter as your navigation point. The Ultra EFIS contains an internal world magnetic model that allows it to calculate the local magnetic deviation and dip. The Ultra EFIS can calculate current position and ground speed even in the absence of GPS.
Technical specifications:

• Dimensions: 95 x 95 x 63.3 mm (3.74” x 3.74” x 2.49”)
• Diameter: 77.5 mm (3.05”); Installing diameter: 79.5 mm (3.125”)
• Weight: 230 g (8.1 oz)
• Display: 3.5”; 320 x 240 pixels, brightness 500 cd/m2
• Operational Temperature: -20 °C to + 70 °C / -4 °F to +158 °F
• 3-axis gyros, accelerometers and magnetometers
• Acceleration range (3 axis): +/- 8 g
• Rotation Range: +/- 1600 deg/s
• Air data sensors: range 10 to 215 kts, -1000 to 40000 ft
• UAV Navigation® Motion processor
• Micro SD slot (for data logging)
• 1.5 m (59”) free wires power supply cable (10/35 VDC)
• 3 serial ports RS-232
• Consumption @ 12 V DC: 100 mA nominal
Included Accessories:

• GPS receiver U-Blox NEO 6Q with 1.5 m (59”) cable
• MicroSD Card
• Mounting KIT (Cutting template, 4x metal washers and 4x screws)
• 1x 1A fuse holder
• Microfiber cleaner cloth
Software Capabilities:

• Advanced data fusion capability
• Airspeed and Altitude from pitot-static system
• Attitude (roll, pitch and heading) and side slip
• Wind indicator
• Clear HSI with Course Deviation Indicator (CDI)
• Altimeter reference, Heading reference, Aircraft specific V-speed reference values
• Preloaded with Jeppesen Database (APT, VOR, NDB) for navigation back-up
• Exceptional navigation capability in case of loss of GPS signal
• Load factor (G-meter)


Avmap EngiBox for Rotax
EngiBOX is a low cost EMS designed for Light Sport & Experimental Aircraft. With an update rate of five times per second, EngiBOX measures and displays the engine parameters to warn you instantly if any measurement exceeds the engine limits.
Data is recorded and stored in the internal memory (up to 160 hours). Monitor your engine in real time. EngiBOX is a light and compact engine monitor displaying:
  • Oil Pressure
  • Oil Temperature / Air Temperature
  • Revolutions per Minute (RPM)
  • Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) / Coolant Temperature (CT)
  • Manifold Pressure (MAP)
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT)
  • Hobbs meter
Save, Share and Analyze your Engine Data
EngiBOX is the first integrated engine management system with mobile App and web portal:
  • Monitor your Engine in real-time during the flight
  • Use the EngiBOX App to download your engine performance data and share them with your Rotax Service Center to get instant support
  • Analyze your engine performance graphs for each parameter on the EngiBOX Portal
EngiBOX Portal
  • Analyze your engine data anywhere, anytime
  • Safely store your engine data: always available on your EngiBOX Portal account
  • Always in control: check your engine performance graphs for each parameter from any platform
  • Share your data with your Rotax Service Center for an optimal support service
Compatible Engines:
2 Stroke Air Cooled
  • Rotax 447 UL SCDI
  • Rotax 503 UL DCDI
2 Stroke Liquid Cooled
  • Rotax 582 UL DCDI
  • Rotax 618 UL DCDI
4 Stroke Liquid Cooled
  • Rotax 912 DCDI series
  • Rotax 912S DCDI series
  • Rotax 914 DCDI series
Compatible Sensors:

4 x INPUT Thermocouple ungrounded (type K and J)

  • Thermocouple ungrounded type K Rotax P/N: 966370
  • Thermocouple ungrounded type J Rotax P/N: NA
  • Application: Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) (2 Stroke / 4 Stroke)

Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) (2 Stroke)

  • 2 x INPUT Resistance thermometer (type: NTC and PT-100)
  • NTC: Rotax P/N 965530 and 965531
  • PT-100: Rotax P/N 966385
  • Application: Air Temperature, Coolant Temperature (2 Stroke)

Oil Temperature, Cylinder Head Temperature / Coolant Temperature (4 Stroke)

  • 1 x INPUT Oil Pressure pick-up (Keller 4-20 mA and VDO resistive 10 bar/150 psi)
  • Keller 4-20 mA Rotax P/N: 456180 
  • VDO resistive Rotax P/N: 956357 / 956415
  • Measuring range: 0 to 10 bar / 0 to 150 psi
  • Application: Oil Pressure (4 Stroke)

1 x RPM pick-up

  • Measuring range: 0 to 9990 rpm
  • 1 x INPUT Manifold Pressure
  • Measuring range: 0 to 70 inHgNote: Sensor probes are not included in the EngiBOX package 

Note: Thermocouple sensors must be ungrounded, not be referred to GND or negative external power

Usage of Other Instruments in Parallel
Thermocouple sensors (for EGT and CHT) and Manifold pressure input can be used in parallel with other measurement instruments.
To use EngiBOX RPM input in parallel with another RPM instrument depends on capacity of the other instrument. EngiBOX applies a 100 ohm load on RPM. Verify if the other RPM instrument is able to correctly measure RPM with a 100 ohm load applied between RPM input and instrument ground. This is equivalent to EngiBOX RPM usage in parallel with another RPM instrument.
Note: Thermoresistance sensors (for OIL T, CHT, CT and Air T) and Oil pressure sensors can not be used in parallel with other measurement instruments.
Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions 95 x 95 x 88 mm  (3.75" x 3.75 x 3.46")
  • Fitting standard 3-1/8" Panel Hole  
  • Weight 250 g (8.8 Oz)
  • Display 3.5” colour LCD, with anti reflective coat 320 x 240 pixels, 500 cm/m2
  • Micro SD Slot  
  • Real Time Clock
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Power Input range 10-35 VDC
  • Current consumption @ 12VDC 150 mA MAX


Sensor Brobe Connection Board

  • 4 x Thermocouple sensor input (ungrounded)
  • 2 x Resistance thermometer sensor input
  • 1 x Oil pressure sensor input
  • 1 x RPM pick-up
  • 1 x Serial connection
Note: Sensor probes are not included in the EngiBOX package
Compatible Sensors:
Thermocouple Sensor:
  • Thermocouple Type K, Rotax P/N: 966370
  • Thermocouple Type J, Rotax P/N: NA
Resistance Thermometer Sensor:
  • Standard Rotax NTC sensor, Rotax P/N 965530 and 965531
  • Optional Rotax PT100 sensor, Rotax P/N 966385
Oil Pressure Sender:
  • Standard Keller type 4-20 mA pressure sender, Rotax P/N 456180
  • Resistive 10 Bar/150 psi VDO type pressure sender, Rotax P/N 956357 and 956415


Brand Avmap
Shipping Weight 2.0000kg
Unit Of Measure pr
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